Stefano Delgrano

I have always had a passion for military vehicles and for their history. I have had this interest in the job for approximately the past 30 years.

It is probably in my genes, since I have followed in my fathers footsteps and since the age of 12, I’ve been assisting him in taking apart the pieces for the restoration of jeeps around Parma.

Then I finally opened my own workshop, where I have begun to undertake some more difficult exercises. Certainly, it is not easy to carry on this activity alone but I believe there is great reward in it; moreover, due to my meticulousness, it’s hard to find a coworker to assist me at least in the day to day tasks..I am very hard to please! The only one that can bear me is my son Alberto, who like me is genetically compromised by this bug.

My job begins with the study of the vehicle in need of a restoration, then the taking apart, mechanical overhauls, bodywork, paint job, camouflages, to the wirings, seats, etc. I can thus bring a vehicle to its factory state, in a meticulous way and according to the real requirements of the customer!

This attention to the details is obviously very time-consuming, but I can be proud of the results.

On this site you can have a look at my activities and my creations, please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further clarification or just to satisfy your curiosity…

…Stefano Delgrano