This is the copy of the WW2 Battery for your WILLYS MB/ FORD GPW (could works also for Dodge,Gmc and more) and it’s made in epoxy resin, heavy strong like marble.

This case allows you to hide the 6 volt Optima battery inside, keeping the original look on the outside. It includes a device hidden in the first filler cap for unhooking the battery without disconnecting the cables, and also a jack hidden in the second filler cap to link the cable for recharging battery.


This is also compatible for 12 volt vehicles, always with a gel battery (of another brand).


Gel battery benefits are:


– Low maintenance

– Leak- proof

– High resistant to temperature and vibration

– Longer life rather than commercial batteries

– Highest startin’ power


Price for case and top complete (not battery included) is 300 euros plus shipping.


For more infos feel free to ask.